Why Us

We know large scale generation of power through solar energy is an essential development for the future. FlexiSolar is positioned at the centre of the three key technologies of the decade - electric vehicle infrastructure, battery energy storage and solar PV in the form of solar carports – and we’re here to deliver.

Our vision is to integrate these technologies to provide clients with reduced costs, revenue generation, energy security, EV infrastructure and a premium, weatherproof parking experience for staff and customers.

But why? It’s a fair question. Why should you consider a large scale solar carport for commercial use? What’s in it for you? And why should you consider working with FlexiSolar to deliver that all important solution? We tell all here.

  • With the 2017 announcement from UK Government to end the production of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, global motoring manufacturers are switching their focus to electric only production. This will affect your business…
  • The EV revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than predicted – but there’s less of a focus on how to power these vehicles at scale. Powering electric vehicles at scale and with a renewable energy source will become essential. That’s what a FlexiSolar carport delivers; utilising existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable land resources.
  • The Clean Growth strategy published by the UK Government in October 2017 marks an important step forward; described by the Government as “an ambitious blueprint for Britain’s low carbon future.” Your business has a duty of care to conform
  • FlexiSolar, backed by Innovate UK, is the market leading company driving development of large-scale solar carports in the UK. We’ve built an expert team with 100+ years’ renewable industry experience and we’ve developed unique integrated energy solutions to match.
  • We can help you build a strong renewable strategy for your business with a large scale solar carport. In today’s world, as individuals and businesses, we are much more aware of the man-made pressures on our planet and understand the obligations we have to reduce or remove them. Considering a renewable approach to energy is essential – and it feels good and looks good too.
  • Businesses across the country are mindful of their ever present and ever rising energy costs. Investing in a large scale solar carport will offer some security and hedge against future energy price rises. Think of a large scale solar carport as a capital or operational expense that ultimately supports your bottom line.
  • Show your customers how environmentally aware you are and impress them with your EV ready status. Prepare your site or your destination for increasing numbers of EV driving customers or staff. Solar carports are a very visible demonstration of your commitment to the environment and your carpark users.
  • Keep your customers happy – and be rewarded with increased revenue. We all know how important happy customers are. Happy customers often equal increased spending. Make yours a destination of choice with multiple EV charge-points for your customers, offering peace of mind for them and increased visits for you.
  • That’s not all. Upgrading existing parking can provide weatherproofing, improved security and advertising space too.
  • FlexiSolar can assess the potential benefits to your company of battery energy storage. Battery storage can defer supply upgrade costs and save on peak-rate electricity charges. It also comes with the potential of revenue generation from frequency response and other grid services.