T-Frame Solar Carports

T-Frame Solar Carports

Solar Panel Carport

The FlexiSolar T-Frame Solar Panel Carport systems combine minimum ground footprint with heavy duty construction and a framework that allows unhindered opening of car doors. Vertical posts are positioned up to 7.5m apart with a typical 3 bay span. A number of T-Frame structures are available, depending on the size and position of the carpark.

We offer bespoke, hard-wearing T-Frame solar carports in three different designs and configurations.

Single Row Mono Pitch structures are ideal where space is at a premium. Featuring a single bank of solar panels atop a three-bay row of parking spaces, Single Row Mono Pitch installations are perfect for southern facing carparks and making the most of available space. Hollow, rectangular steel beams form an incredibly strong and resilient frame, with the load-bearing posts cleverly spaced apart to allow unhindered access to car doors.

For larger spaces on a southern aspect, we offer Double Row Mono Pitch installations. The single pitch takes most efficient advantage of south facing sun exposure, while the carport covers two bumper to bumper rows of three parking spaces. This design is an efficient option where larger solar installs are possible, creating a wider surface area for solar photovoltaic generation without sacrificing on space efficiency or visual appeal.

But we understand that not all usable space is located on the ideal southern aspect. By utilising two angles, or pitches, with our Double Row Duo Pitch T-Frame installation, sites situation on eastern or western facing aspects can make the most of their available sunlight, creating longer generation periods in less-than-ideal positions. Even if you’ve considered solar power generation in the past, contact our team today to find out how we can transform a range of outdoor areas into effective, efficient solar generation hubs.

Our full range of T-Frame solar carports meet over 10 relevant safety and function standards and are fully CE safety mark certified to prove their compliance with European regulations alongside the BS British safety mark scheme that all of our structures adhere to. This gives peace of mind that the high quality and long-lasting installation from FlexiSolar will be a safe choice for your business and for the future.

All solar carports can include guttering, water management, LED motion-controlled lighting, CCTV installation, advertising & branding, and EV charging points to allow you to customise the project closely to your needs. We have over 13 years of experience delivering bespoke solar generation solutions to industries across the country and would love to work with you to realise the untapped potential of your carparks and outside spaces.

All initial prices are quoted for our standard galvanised solar carport structure. Additional options include:

  • Powder coat finish
  • Boxing and plating
  • Cable management
  • Guttering
  • Water management
  • LED motion-controlled lighting
  • CCTV installation
  • Advertising and branding
  • EV charging point