Solar Carports in the UK an emerging market

The UK is yet to fully embrace the benefits of solar carport solutions, with only a handful of these innovative structures currently in the UK.

Bentley Motors, Headquarters, Crewe

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Carpark Size: 1,378 bays PV Installation: 2.7 MW | Yield: 2,668 MWh

FlexiSolar has constructed the UK’s largest commercial solar carport at Bentley Motors’ manufacturing headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire.

The bespoke solar structures shelter approximately 1,378 car parking spaces at the Bentley manufacturing facility.

FlexiSolar’s V-Frame Double Row Mono Pitch solar carport design appears across twenty-seven parking rows. The carport system could cover 24 percent of Bentley’s electrical energy requirements and reduce CO2 by 3,300 tonnes per year. This huge reduction in carbon emissions makes Bentley Motors a key player in the movement to a fully renewably sourced energy grid. FlexiSolar can help you discover the many possible benefits to your business.

Making use of under-utilised space is one of the greatest benefits of deploying next-generation solar panel arrays atop carparks. See immediate reductions to your company’s carbon footprint, alongside innovative financial incentives like ‘feed-to-grid’ arrangements or Pre-Purchase Agreements.

Working closely with a world-famous brand to create a unique and functional solar carport at a scale never before seen in the UK was one of our proudest achievements. Bentley Motor’s commitment to a forward-thinking approach to energy generation was the perfect fit for FlexiSolar’s extensive experience delivering high-quality full-service solar energy generation projects from start to finish.

Sutton, Gibson Road Multi-storey Carpark

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Carpark Size: 57 bays PV Installation: 133 kWp | Yield: 120,000 kWh

FlexiSolar completed a design, manufacture, and construction project with Campbell & Kennedy to produce a bespoke solar carport solution for a large multi-storey carport in Sutton, South London.

Whilst FlexiSolar offers a range of carport products, the Sutton site required an entirely bespoke frame and solar panel rail system to optimise the multi-storey position of the site, whilst accounting for the weight limitations imposed. Our experienced designers and engineers were able to create a unique and functional solution which meets the bespoke needs of the location and use case.

The resulting carport is sized at 133kWp, covers 57 car parking spaces and holds 492 solar panels. The system is expected to generate approximately 120,000kWh of energy per year, making the solar car park almost energy neutral, using only renewable energy to fully operate.

This shift to ‘off-the-grid’ energy generation and on-site usage is critical in developing resilient, renewable alternatives to traditional fossil fuel energy supply. Reducing your company’s reliance on main electricity could mean immediate and significant reductions to the cost of energy supply to your company as well as reducing your carbon footprint.


Barnsley, Market Gate Solar Carpark

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Carpark Size: 9 bays PV Installation: 24 KWp | Yield: 22 MWh

As part of the ambitious Better Barnsley town centre redevelopment scheme, Barnsley Council commissioned a bespoke solar carport solution. The carport is based on the FlexiSolar V-Frame construction but was manufactured with modifications to the legs as requested by Barnsley Council to allow better disabled access. This is just one example of the care we take in designing bespoke solutions that meet the needs of your business, employees, or customers.

The glass-on-glass PV panels integrated into this design allows some daylight to pass through the roof without any reduction in panel efficiency. This configuration improves ambient light levels and provides an attractive finish too. Combining aesthetic considerations with your unique usage needs allows us to create cutting edge deployments taking best advantage of the space available.

By designing our projects from the ground up in partnership with you, an attractive installation can be created which matches the location and features the branding or design elements of your business or the surrounding area. This creates a fantastic advert for your business, and your visible commitment to eco-friendly energy generation.

Bourne Leisure / Solarplicity

Carpark Size: 4 Bays, multiple sites PV Installation: 10 KWp | Yield: 0.9 MWh

Bourne Leisure appointed Solarplicity to roll out integrated solar carports and electric vehicle charger points – and FlexiSolar was engaged to design a solution within a limited budget. Through shared infrastructure, the co-location of solar carports and EV charge-points represented a cost saving of over £1,000 per charge-point installation and demonstrated a commitment to providing charging infrastructure powered by a low carbon renewable energy source. Working closely with industry partners to deliver the latest innovations in solar power generation alongside experience in designing, supplying, and manufacturing appropriate structures to support the deployment is just one-way FlexiSolar are working hard to revolutionise power generation in the UK.

UK holiday and theme parks are seeing an increasing number of customers arriving in electric vehicles. As customers will be away from their home charge-points, catering for this requirement is essential. Our ‘future-proof’ feasibility studies and phased deployment plans mean you can benefit today from cutting edge solar power generation technologies with one eye on continued development and roll-out of further cost-effective and clean solutions. Bourne Leisure discovered the benefits of working with the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of solar carports and energy storage systems, and your business could be next. Contact our team today to discuss a free, no obligation site visit to begin the process of transforming your business and outdoor spaces.