Solar Car Parking & Canopy Manufacturers

We are FlexiSolar – solar canopy manufacturers.  Through the innovative integration of three technologies, solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charge-points, we are turning car parks into power stations and EV hubs; addressing the challenges of decentralised energy generation while supporting the electric mobility transition.

Our integrated solar carport solutions reduce customer energy costs, provide premium car parking facilities and offer revenue generation opportunities from charging infrastructure, advertising and electricity grid services with a renewable energy source.

So, how did we get here?

FlexiSolar are structure designers, manufacturers and installation experts born out of Inside2Outside, an R&D company that has been responsible for the development of unique products and solutions for over twenty years. Inside2Outside incubated and developed the concept of FlexiSolar in 2009 and caught the eye of the Government Department, Innovate UK, who backed the concept in 2017 to enable us to scale up rapidly to meet the increasing demand for turning car parks into clean energy power stations.

And how we have grown – from an initial idea to a fully-fledged business, leading the way with innovative commercial Solar Canopies carports for environmentally-friendly parking. Meet the team here.

Where we are going

With over 100 years combined renewable energy experience, our team of expert manufacturers and designers are working with organisations and local authorities across the UK and beyond to discuss their commercial parking and large-scale solar canopy carport requirements for existing car parks.

It’s an exciting and crucial time, the electric mobility transition is well under way and the need for a renewable energy source to power it is essential. Car parking and charging for electric vehicles is only set to grow.