Solar Battery Energy Storage

Battery storage is often used as a back-up power supply for energy security, to ensure continued operations during a power cut, and can offer a range of other benefits such as micro-grids, where a new or upgraded incoming supply is cost prohibitive, to support EV infrastructure, for peak rate cost reduction and for grid balancing services.

There are many types of Battery Energy Storage with different chemistries and ratings that are suitable for different applications. These can be charged from excess solar generation or overnight from off-peak, cheap rate grid electricity. This flexibility is at the core of our surveying and design process, ensuring every installation meets the unique needs of your business.

To give you an idea, the main types are;

  • Flow batteries. These rely on a liquid electrolyte and discharge times are only restricted by the size of the electrolyte storage tanks. Flow batteries are more expensive to install but will have a long life and are ideal for situations where a long discharge time and limited power output is required.
  • Lead acid batteries. A solution that’s been around a long time and a tried and trusted technology that still has many uses. Lead acid batteries, much like you would find in conventional motor vehicles, are cheaper but heavier and less energy dense than modern alternatives.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. The new favourite for many applications and benefitting from large improvements in cycle life and energy density. Lithium-ion batteries are usually the technology of choice for peak shaving/load shifting and for generating revenue from grid services such as frequency response and capacity market contracts.


Batteries are available as part of a solar power purchase agreement or as a capital purchase. To realise the potential return on investment, it’s important to design flexibility into your battery system. We are available to advise not only on various solar generation and battery storage options, but also the underlying financing of a range of project scales. Making sure your installation represents the best possible financial investment for your business is a key aspect of designing resilient, ‘future-proof’ installations to make the most efficient use of available underutilised space.

Effective storage options make solar energy generation a versatile and year-round investment in managing your energy supply needs and costs. By balancing your supply needs with the size of available space for solar installation and an appropriately sized battery installation creates an integrated solar energy generation and storage solution for your business.

We understand that every company has unique needs and energy usage and storage requirements. That’s why we take a fully customisable and bespoke approach to designing all of our deployments from the ground up. For over ten years we have used our experience and technical know-how to bring world-leading solar solutions to the UK. Your business could join thousands of others across the country in taking advantage of clean, ‘green’ renewable energy from the sun. By load balancing the energy generated across a storage bank of batteries, you can make efficient use of this clean electricity whenever your company needs it. With energy prices becoming ever higher and more volatile, ensuring uninterrupted access to low-cost electricity generated on site is a smart choice for any business. And with installations from FlexiSolar designed from the ground up to take advantage of underutilised space, you may already have the potential to meet your energy needs using existing spaces.

We have worked on a full range of project scales, from three-bay carports for small businesses to the UK’s largest solar car parking installation at the Bentley Motors headquarters in Crewe. We were incredibly proud to be responsible for this significant demonstration of the potential of solar power generation over carparks in the UK. Representing a potential carbon emission reduction of 3,300 tonnes of CO2 per year, the project was our largest scale so far. Over 1,300 cars can take advantage of attractive covered carparking while the structure supports over 16km2 of solar panel capacity. Generating an amazing 2.7MW of clean, renewable electricity and proving Bentley Motor’s commitment to making an investment in the environment as well as their business.

Such a significant project proved FlexiSolar’s capacity for driving innovation over industry-leading scales, managing the entire process from initial concept, through surveying, planning and applications to the final design, manufacture, supply and installation. We gained invaluable experience working at scale and managing projects of scope for forward thinking and important clients -skills that we can bring to your business when you chose FlexiSolar for your solar energy generation and storage needs.

Save time by consulting the industry-leading experts in solar power storage and allow us to manage your deployment from start to finish. We will provide a detailed deployment plan giving clear and concise figures regarding energy generation potential, time to return, and taking advantage of possible subsidies or purchase agreements. Your business could see immediate benefit through our integrated approach to making solar power and storage work to your needs.

What battery solution is right for you? FlexiSolar can assist in defining your storage requirements and, with selected technology partners, can design energy storage architecture with the associated battery management systems and smart grid solutions that will meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation site visit to discuss your energy storage needs and find out how FlexiSolar can help you deploy the latest technology to see immediate reductions to your energy costs and carbon emissions.