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The UK and international community is at the very beginning of an evolution to large scale commercial solar carports. We know that these innovative systems are essential for our planet’s future – but we also know that this is a huge transition for any business, and an opportunity that needs to be understood and explored fully.

That is why we have packaged up the very best solar and renewables content here in the FlexiSolar Resources Hub. Here we showcase the key materials that can help navigate this cutting edge technology area. As proud influencers in the solar industry and strong supporters of the renewables sector, we also share key content and links of interest more widely too.

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The new BRE Solar Car Parks Guide

Multifunctional Solar Car Parks – A good practice guide for owners and developers

A new guide by BRE National Solar Centre and FlexiSolar that looks at the best way to deliver multifunctional solar car parks that combine renewable energy generation with energy storage and EV charging points.

The new BRE Solar Car Parks Technical Guide

A Technical Guide to Multifunctional Solar Car Parks

A new guide by BRE National Solar Centre and FlexiSolar that focuses on commercial and industrial sized systems (typically >50kW) that are connected to the distribution network, providing a brief overview of the technical requirements and considerations for the design and installation of multifunctional elements in a solar car park system, including battery storage and dedicated plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charge-points.

FlexiSolar Brochure

Specialists in innovative integrated solar carport solutions.

Driving Solar Evolution Campaign

We are acutely aware of the role solar plays for the future of the planet and we are passionate about delivering it. That’s why we’ve developed a new campaign to reiterate the importance of solar – and our continuing commitment to it. #DrivingSolar

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Frequently asked questions about solar carports, EV charging and battery storage.

Representing renewable energy producers and promoting the use of all forms of renewable energy in the UK. FlexiSolar is a member of the REA.

The STA is the UK’s leading solar industry voice, with a proven track record of winning breakthroughs for the UK’s solar industry. FlexiSolar is a member of the STA.

Meet the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power.

In-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on capital markets and the potential investment in high-cost, carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Supporting companies and cities to disclose the environmental impact of major corporations.

To support our vision to integrate electric vehicle infrastructure, battery energy storage and solar PV from solar carports, FlexiSolar is currently building up a network of partners across the country.