International Solar Carport Examples

The case for commercial solar carports has been proven in many locations around the world, here are just a few of the projects we have come across.

Corporate Headquarters

Solar carports are already widely deployed in the US and mainland Europe and are helping companies meet their CSR and carbon reduction objectives, as well as providing staff, visitors and customers with an enhanced parking experience.

A leading example of corporate headquarter usage is Intel’s Folsom Campus in California where almost 3,000 parking spaces are covered and where the installation provides 6.5MWp of solar capacity.

Tourist Attractions

Covering 600 parking spaces, now designated premium, and providing enough electricity to power over 200 homes, the recently unveiled 1.8MWp solar carport installation at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is leading the way for tourist attractions and theme parks around the world.

These attractions will need to offer EV charging facilities in the very near future and, if electricity demand is not to outstrip supply, on-site renewable generation will also be a requirement.

Combining charge-points with a solar carport installation and possibly the addition of battery storage will offer multiple benefits.

Transport Hubs

Montpellier Airport now boasts a 4.5MWp solar carport, providing weather protection for its users and generating 6.2 million KWh per year; a substantial percentage of the airport’s total electricity requirements.

Airports are keen to reduce both their air-side and customer-side carbon emissions; those produced by operations, aircraft and the cars that take passengers and staff to and from the airport.

The combination of solar PV and EV charge-points offers substantial day-one reductions and encourages the transition to electric vehicles for longer term carbon benefits. Montpellier is just one of a large and growing number of international
airports that are benefiting from solar carports.