Integrated Energy Solutions

The saying goes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – and that’s how we like to describe our integrated energy solutions.

Integrated Energy Solutions

An innovative solar carport for large scale commercial use, with electric vehicle infrastructure and battery energy storage built in. Whilst there are elements of our solutions that can be packaged separately, we are confident that the combined energy solution offers our clients the very best option in terms of harnessing solar energy and gaining maximum benefits from it.

A FlexiSolar carport isn’t a one size fits all approach. We know that each and every customer we work with has different requirements in terms of the position of the car park area and the detailed solution they need.

That’s why you’ve come to the right place. At the heart of our approach is a focus on developing tailored solutions, designed, manufactured, installed, and operated to your exact specifications. The end result is always to help you generate, store, and use energy – and during our consultation process, we’ll work with you to identify how to get there.

We have built our reputation on bringing together the very latest technology across the entire installation project, from the panels themselves, to the lithium-ion battery banks deployed to capture and store the energy generated. Our integrated approach means your business can take advantage of our expertise to guarantee the most effective use of your resources. Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills and lower or remove your reliance on record high energy supply prices, we have the right solution to generate your own supply of clean, renewable solar electricity.

We have experience deploying effective solar generation arrays in less-than-ideal locations, whether a fully bespoke rooftop or ground array, or using our Duo Pitch carports to bring solar energy generation to East or West facing properties that have perhaps previously been rated as unsuitable for solar power generation installations.

At the centre of the FlexiSolar product range is an integrated energy solution, orchestrated by our expert renewables team and underpinned by a key methodology that we have developed to turn carparks and unused outdoor spaces into power stations.


We have developed a concise and adaptable four-part plan for the designing and deployment of solar carparks and car ports to fit available space and business needs. With over a decade of experience in delivering the latest in solar power technologies in a huge variety of use cases, FlexiSolar are uniquely positioned to guide you through the deployment process from start to end.


We gather data on available space, location and aspect, usage, electrical systems and energy consumption, availability of grid connections and property searches. This eye for detail enables a smooth planning phase, and ensures you get the right installation for your needs.

Design & Plan

We optimise and design the system; ensuring planning permissions and grid agreements are in place and options to incorporate the latest battery technology are reviewed. Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout this process to meet your requirements and keep you informed.


We manufacture and construct the carport and solar PV system, with full site management adhering to CDM regulations and including cabling, trenching and connections. By keeping the entire process in house, we’re able to streamline the whole process and keep to the highest level of client satisfaction.

Operations & Maintenance

Once operational, our specialist Operations & Maintenance team manages and maintains the system to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind. Rest easy knowing your installation is being handled by a team of experts familiar with the installation and maintenance of every park of the project. Discuss warranty options and lifespan requirements with our team and let our O&M team keep you informed into the future with a servicing agreement.

Innovative carport design, planning, finance and construction

The FlexiSolar in-house design team works closely with each client to select the optimal design that reflects the budget, aesthetic, and functional requirements of the site. All planning application documents are included – such as Design and Access Statements, Biodiversity Assessments and Building Regulations as well as Glint and Glare Analysis. By covering every step of the process in house, we are able to ensure your installation project progresses smoothly from start to finish.

Following successful planning and Distribution Network Operator (DNO) permissions, FlexiSolar complete the civil engineering works, frame manufacture and construction, PV system installation, LED lighting and EV charge point installation where required. We will also complete all necessary post installation notifications and feed in tariff applications. This gives you the simplest possible way to access the highest level of expertise across the project, taking care of every step in the process to give you the smoothest solar experience.

Through our network of specialist asset backed and project finance lenders, FlexiSolar is also able to offer a range of finance models and long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) as alternatives to clients who would prefer not to fund capital expenditure themselves. This option can open a vast range of solar deployment possibilities to businesses who see the value in joining the solar revolution but may not be in a position to self-fund the transformation of their carparks and outdoor spaces.

Contact us today to discuss our full range of financing and design services to find out how we can help you break your reliance on energy supply and bring the latest in solar power generation to your business.