Integrated Energy Solutions

The saying goes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – and that’s how we like to describe our integrated energy solutions.

An innovative solar carport for large scale commercial use, with electric vehicle infrastructure and battery energy storage built in. Whilst there are elements of our solutions that can be packaged separately, we are confident that the combined energy solution offers our clients the very best option in terms of harnessing solar energy and gaining maximum benefits from it.

A FlexiSolar carport isn’t a one size fits all approach. We know that each and every customer we work with has different requirements in terms of the position of the carpark area and the detailed solution they need.

That’s why you’ve come to the right place. At the heart of our approach is a focus on developing tailored solutions, designed, manufactured, installed and operated to your exact specifications. The end result is always to help you generate, store and use energy – and during our consultation process, we’ll work with you to identify how to get there.

At the centre of the FlexiSolar product range is an integrated energy solution, orchestrated by our expert renewables team and underpinned by a key methodology that we have developed to turn carparks into power stations.

Innovative carport design, planning, finance and construction

The FlexiSolar in-house design team works closely with each client to select the optimal design that reflects the budget, aesthetic and functional requirements of the site. All planning application documents are included – such as Design and Access Statements, Biodiversity Assessments and Building Regulations as well as Glint and Glare Analysis.

Following successful planning and Distribution Network Operator (DNO) permissions, FlexiSolar complete the civil engineering works, frame manufacture and construction, PV system installation, LED lighting and EV charge point installation where required. We will also complete all necessary post installation notifications and feed in tariff applications.

Through our network of specialist asset backed and project finance lenders, FlexiSolar is also able to offer a range of finance models and long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) as alternatives to clients who would prefer not to fund capital expenditure themselves.