Driving Solar Evolution

FlexiSolar looks to start a new solar conversation - Driving Solar Evolution

What a year it’s been at FlexiSolar – thanks for being part of the journey with us.

It’s hard to believe that FlexiSolar is only a year old. With significant Innovate UK funding and a continuing investment in R&D, our feet have hardly touched the ground as the UK’s integrated solar carport specialists.

Our large projects (such as those for Bentley Motors and Sutton Council) have demonstrated how the solar carport approach impacts both large organisations and local communities as a viable energy solution.

But…this is not about us. It’s essential to start a new solar conversation.

We are acutely aware of the role solar plays for the future of the planet and we are passionate about delivering it. That’s why we’ve developed a new campaign to reiterate the importance of solar – and our continuing commitment to it.

The planet we live on needs our protection more than ever, now is the time to make a change – with a large-scale solar revolution. FlexiSolar is on a mission to lead this change. Driving Solar Evolution is our call to action through a series of communications designed to inspire commitment to on-site renewable energy generation projects from large-scale solar carports.

The large-scale solar carport concept is the very DNA of our business and our belief in its impact is at the heart of our team. But this isn’t just advanced thinking for energy generation and EV charging – it’s an essential and financially beneficial advancement for us all.

Our demands on energy continue to increase. We know that today’s businesses are already energy conscious, but it’s not enough. We call on the forward thinking businesses of tomorrow to show that they are truly committed to energy security and carbon reduction. We are driven to help businesses understand that solar is a true solution to these challenges; and a solution that makes complete financial sense too. Energy generation on-site with large-scale solar solutions; powering energy needs and future proofing for EV.

We’ll be sharing our Driving Solar Evolution insights right here, as well as on social media, at events and in the press – to highlight how the solar decisions we make now help to make a positive impact on our future.

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