Driving Solar Evolution

FlexiSolar looks to start a new solar conversation - Driving Solar Evolution

What a year it’s been at FlexiSolar – thanks for being part of the journey with us.

It’s hard to believe that FlexiSolar is already five years old. With significant Innovate UK funding and a continuing investment in R&D, our feet have hardly touched the ground as the UK’s integrated solar carport specialists. Things move quickly at the forefront of solar photovoltaic research, and we’re proud to be closely involved in a consortium of major research and industrial partners. Many people have already realised the potential of flexible, hardwearing, and weatherproof solar panels, and we are delighted to be bringing that potential to the UK market. The ground-breaking properties of Tensile PV, a world leading flexible solar energy generating material, make it perfect for bespoke installations and swooping, modern architectural styles for small or larger installations.

Our larger scale projects (such as those for Bentley Motors and Sutton Council) have demonstrated how the solar carport approach impacts both large organisations and local communities as a viable energy solution and attractive, forward-thinking investment in any business or organisation.

But…this is not just about us. Everyone has a role to play, and that’s why it’s essential to start a new solar conversation.

We are acutely aware of the role solar plays for the future of the planet, and we are passionate about delivering it. That’s why we’ve developed a new campaign to reiterate the importance of solar – and our continuing commitment to it.

The planet we live on needs our protection more than ever, now is the time to make a change – with a large-scale solar revolution. FlexiSolar is on a mission to lead this change. Driving Solar Evolution is our call to action through a series of communications designed to inspire commitment to on-site renewable energy generation projects from large-scale solar carports. From slashing carbon emissions through the on-site generation of clean, renewable electricity, to promoting electric vehicle uptake and reducing ‘range anxiety’ by creating a robust, wide-reaching network of fast, efficient charging points – the benefits to your business and to the environment are real and immediate. The UK government have committed to ending the sale of petrol and diesel internal combustion engines from 2030, but such an admirable target requires very real investment at a grassroots level.

Your business could be leading the way in the local area for green solar power, with a visible and attractive solar panel installation from FlexiSolar. Make a statement of your principles by investing in the latest technologies to enable you to benefit year-round from limitless energy generated from the sun. Advanced lithium-ion battery banks can capture and store the energy you generate, giving you complete control over your energy usage whatever the weather.

The large-scale solar carport concept is the very DNA of our business and our belief in its impact is at the heart of our team. But this isn’t just advanced thinking for energy generation and EV charging – it’s an essential and financially beneficial advancement for us all. By installing attractive and effective covering for a carpark, you increase the potential income over the lifetime of your carpark. Research shows consumers are willing to pay up to £5,000 per bay per year more for covered, secure parking. By adding fast or ultra-fast charging points, you create an additional income stream on top of the charge for parking. This income model could mean a more rapid return on your initial investment, with the solar generating installation paying for itself and generating profit over the course of its lifetime.

Our modern, rapidly changing world means demands on energy continue to increase. We know that today’s businesses are already energy conscious, but it’s not enough. We call on the forward-thinking businesses of tomorrow to show that they are truly committed to energy security and carbon reduction. We are driven to help businesses understand that solar is a true solution to these challenges; and a solution that makes complete financial sense too. Energy generation on-site with large-scale solar solutions; powering energy needs and future proofing for EV could be the catalyst for growth that your business needs. Draw attention with a highly visible solar installation and join thousands of businesses already seeing the benefit of bringing customers to you by installing EV charging points and registering them on UK charging networks and maps.


We’ll be sharing our Driving Solar Evolution insights right here, as well as on social media, at events and in the press – to highlight how the solar decisions we make now help to make a positive impact on our future. We would love to feature your business and the positive choices you make working in partnership with FlexiSolar, exposing your brand to consumers, industry professionals and solar power enthusiasts all over the world. Gain recognition for your investment in clean, green energy when you join the Driving Solar Evolution campaign today. Our team of experienced designers would love to discuss the possibilities for transforming your outdoor space, slashing carbon emissions, and lowering your energy costs today. Arrange a free, no obligation site survey today and find out how you can make solar energy generation work for your business.


Follow the #DrivingSolar campaign so far by engaging with our social media profiles, and use the hashtag #drivingsolarevolution to share your ideas for renewable, limitless solar energy project…


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