Commercial Industrial Solar Panels

Commercial solar carports are an excellent solution to maximise a parking area without sacrificing valuable land resources.

Commercial solar carports are an excellent solution to maximise a parking area without sacrificing valuable land resources, however it may not represent taking full use of your available space for most efficient solar energy generation.

Where a business or property’s roof is structurally sound and large enough to accommodate solar capacity, it is sensible to consider utilising them as part of your solar deployment. Rooftop solar installations have become commonplace in the UK and the benefits of renewable energy generation through solar PV installations have been clearly demonstrated. By taking advantage of the often significant amount of underutilised space on top of your building, potential solar yield is maximised and the time to return on your investment slashed.

If your site energy consumption is significant and your solar carport installation is not going to meet your base load then blending the solar carport installation with a combined rooftop array will only enhance your return on investment. It is also worth considering your future energy requirements as the continued uptake in electric vehicles and their associated charging points is going to raise base load requirements further over time. FlexiSolar can undertake rooftop surveys as part of our energy assessment for your site and can offer commercial rooftop solar installations either in combination with the solar carport or as a future opportunity to be installed at a time that suits you.

By laying out a detailed plan for the deployment of rooftop solar arrays at your property or business, you can be ready to act quickly when the time is right for your company. Additional revenue streams possible when generating clean, renewable, and low-cost energy mean having the ability to rapidly scale your solar deployment in partnership with FlexiSolar could help your business to grow.

And detailed deployment plans can be used to negotiate ‘feed to grid’ or solar financing deals, bringing lower fees or reduced cost per watt to your business through optimising your installation to available funds and financing options.

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Rooftop Solar Panels Current Market Prices and Returns

Capital expenditure costs for commercial rooftop solar panels have fallen significantly in recent years so if you have considered rooftop solar PV before but decided against it then it may be worth reconsidering and taking a view on current market prices and returns. Solar photovoltaic panels have seen both rapid development and the effects of manufacturing scale over recent years, meaning higher efficiency and lower prices for those able to capitalise on the market.

FlexiSolar has significant purchasing power in the UK solar market and can bring this benefit to you in the form of extremely competitive rooftop solar PV prices. Our free site survey could help you to get an idea of the scale of deployment available to you on underutilised land and the associated costs for a professional, high-quality installation from FlexiSolar. Once you see how attainable environmentally friendly, renewable electricity is for your business, we’re sure you will understand why so many people across the UK are turning to solar photovoltaic energy generation.

We have helped so many businesses realise the potential of rooftop and unused land in addition to their carparks. Banks, verges, sidings, bin and refuse stores and unsightly rooftop air conditioning outlets have all been turned into attractive clean energy generating sites. Using solar electricity generation to ‘hide’ unattractive parts of your building or property not only creates clean and attractive lines but is a clear and visible advertisement of your company’s commitment to a cleaner future. The additional savings possible when utilising this low-cost energy for your electricity needs means there has never been a better time to invest in your business and in the future of the planet.


The FlexiSolar team has vast experience in designing, delivering and operating large scale industrial and commercial ground mount and rooftop solar projects. Our team has built out some of the largest solar PV arrays in the country and our experience and knowledge of rooftop solar panels enables us to deliver extremely competitive returns on investment.

We have created bespoke, custom projects for companies like Bentley Motors, where innovative solar technologies are helping them to step forward into the next generation of integrated solar carport and Electric Vehicle charging hubs. Working with these commercial partners, we have built a reputation for efficient, professional service whatever the scale of the project or installation.

Our team of experienced and highly trained surveyors, designers, and installation technicians allow us to manage a project every step from start to finish. Keeping all aspects of the design, supply and installation in house means we’re able to provide accurate information at every point – keeping you in the loop as the project progresses. It also puts providing the very best service at the core of our operating principles. From start to finish and even beyond, FlexiSolar have you covered. We can offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance for all of our installations, giving you peace of mind across the lifetime of your solar deployment.

FlexiSolar will be happy to provide a proposal for your rooftop array alongside any solar carport, storage and/or Solar EV charge point elements. Save Money! Get a FREE Quote! Our team of surveyors and designers can create a comprehensive solar deployment plan taking advantage of all underutilised space at your place of business, including rooftops, carparks, banks, verges, refuse or bin stores and much more. We can liaise at the planning stage to go ahead with any or all parts of the plan, giving you the flexibility to deploy the projects which make the most sense for your company.