Commercial Industrial Flexible Solar Panels

Our passion for solar encourages us to seek out additional solutions too.

Our passion for solar encourages us to seek out additional solutions too.

Whilst our commercial flexible solar panels do not benefit from the same economies of manufacturing scale as standard poly or mono-crystalline panels, they are a valid option where weight and flexibility are key drivers, such as on existing lightweight or tensile membrane structures. Be at the forefront of the solar revolution by taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs in waterproof, flexible solar panels with TensilePV from FlexiSolar and sister-company Inside2Outside.

Over the last decade, we have become heavily involved in the latest research on flexible photovoltaic membranes. Through our sister company Inside2Outside, we are involved in a consortium of research and industry institutions including Cambridge and Swansea universities and Siemens, SKANSKA, and TATA Steel. With funding supplied by the British government and European research bodies we aim to develop the next generation of long-lasting and efficient solar photovoltaic generation built on flexible weatherproof membranes.

Our sister company, Inside2Outside is involved in the utilisation of this revolutionary material for industrial portable flexible solar panel solutions designed to provide power to off-grid venues and events or for disaster relief. We are happy to act as a liaison where the needs of a project cross between the expertise of ourselves in solar array deployment and Inside2Outside in awning, canopy and material structural commissioning.

Our involvement in the innovative research on this TensilePV material is but one example of the commitment we put in to be on the cutting edge of research and offer the latest in advances to solar power and durable multipurpose outdoor spaces.

Tensile PV

TensilePV is best suited to architectural applications where new technologies and breakthrough aesthetics are the principal drivers. TensilePV offers a striking visual statement: lightweight large area coverage and organic translucent materials. The double wing cantilever mirrors the single wing cantilever and features up to 6 bays spanned with only two posts. This is the best solar carport choice for those looking for an architecturally beautiful solution that is fully comprehensive and scalable.
We are at the forefront of research into these next-generation solar power generating materials, having worked closely with Cambridge University amongst other well-known research partners to develop Tensile PV. This flexible, hard-wearing material represents the latest breakthrough in functional, versatile solar power generation and could save you money on your ever-rising energy bills.

We have been involved with the development of Tensile PV right from the start, with major research organisations in the UK and Europe funding a consortium of expert industrial and academic institutions including the aforementioned Cambridge University, the University of Swansea, TATA Steel, Siemens, and SKANSKA alongside our sister-company in domestic photovoltaic installations – Inside2Outside. The joint expertise of Inside2Outside in designing, supplying, and installing the highest-quality awnings and canopies and FlexiSolar in planning and executing effective, efficient solar power installations gives you peace of mind in knowing your project has been handled by industry leading technicians with the experience and capability to handle a full range of project scales.

TensilePV and its flexible and durable properties open a vast range of possibilities which have never previously been possible. Creating beautiful, functional developments taking advantage of the newest technology to harness low cost, clean energy from the sun. Coupling these technologies with battery banks of the latest generation of lithium-ion storage in bespoke and discrete housings bring immediate benefits to your business. Lower carbon emissions from your company’s energy usage, lower prices for energy, the price of which has seen record increases recently. Spaces never before usable for solar installations can benefit from a flexible, hard-wearing breakthrough in TensilePV, making solar energy generation accessible on-site to almost every business location in the country.
We would be delighted to assess your site during a free, no obligation survey and begin the process of producing an actionable and cost-effective plan for the deployment of solar energy generation across your business or buildings. Our multi-part deployment plans give you the flexibility to choose the installations which best reflect the needs of your company, with clear and concise breakdowns of installation costs, savings available and any tariff feed-in agreements and planning permission requirements highlighted. Having a roadmap to return on your investment allows your business to make effective and informed decisions regarding transforming your business with a hard-wearing and long-lasting solar deployment from FlexiSolar.

Deploying the latest breakthroughs in solar technology isn’t just an investment in your business, but one in the future. There are already over 400,000 electric vehicles on the roads of Great Britain today, with that number expected by many to top 3,000,000 by 2030. The cleanest and most beneficial way to power this electric vehicle revolution is using ‘green’ energy from renewable sources. Fossil fuel power-stations are not suitable for a fully renewable grid, and so the deployment of renewable generation options will need to rapidly scale up to meet the increased demand of millions of new electric vehicles. The British Government have committed to ending the sale of all petrol and diesel internal combustion road vehicles by 2030 – it’s never too soon to plan ahead to ensure you business is ready for the future.

Our team of friendly, professional, and hugely experienced designers and technicians would love to discuss the needs of your business. We bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure you are best informed to make the investment in solar power generation that is right for your company and the environment. Contact us today to arrange a free site visit and find out how FlexiSolar can help your business take advantage of the latest in solar generation technology.