UK’s largest solar carport from FlexiSolar now fully installed at Bentley Motors headquarters

FlexiSolar, the innovative solar carport specialist based near Cambridge, is delighted to have constructed the UK’s largest ever solar carport, which is now fully installed and being utilised at the headquarters of Bentley Motors in Crewe.

The large-scale solar carport consists of 10,000 solar panels, which have a capacity of 2.7MW, cover 1,378 car parking spaces and an area of 16,426m².

Throughout the project, work was managed in sections, so that Bentley was able to utilise large areas of the car park during installation.  All the piles were driven on-site and trenching for the cables completed, with the team then focussing on the installation of the Super-Structure that are the primary components of the unique solar carport structures across the 27 parking rows.

Speaking about the large-scale construction at the Bentley Motors site, Interim Managing Director of FlexiSolar, Robert Carpenter said: “We are delighted with the completion of the UK’s largest solar carport system that could reduce CO2 by 3,300 tonnes per year; with our team and solar carport design working exceptionally well to deliver a solution.”

This large-scale solar carport approach demonstrates the impacts on both large organisations and local communities in delivering lower energy costs, higher energy efficiency, on-site micro-generation, improved air quality, lower carbon footprint and integration with the EV transport revolution that is under way.  We are acutely aware of the role solar plays for the future of the planet and we are passionate about delivering it.    

Large-scale solar carports have long been an aspiration in the UK, with many successful projects already deployed in other regions of the world, this project proves the UK has the necessary supply chain, skills and experience required to deliver solar carports at scale and opens up new opportunities for renewable energy generation without sacrificing greenfield land.

UK’s largest solar carport from FlexiSolar now fully installed at Bentley Motors headquarters

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