Reducing energy and promoting and supporting the future of electric vehicles
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Utilise existing space to turn your car park into sustainable energy, without sacraficing valuable land
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Solar car park & electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

We are FlexiSolar. Our design, manufacturing, installation and operations company specialises in the integration of solar PV, electric vehicle charge-point stations and commercial carports.

FlexiSolar is positioned at the centre of the three key technologies of the decade – electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, battery energy storage and renewable energy in the form of solar carports. Our vision is to integrate these technologies to provide clients with reduced costs, revenue generation, energy security, EV infrastructure and a premium, weatherproof parking experience for staff and customers.




We gather data on car park layout, location and usage, electrical systems and energy consumption, connection to the grid and property searches.

Design & Plan

We design and optimise the system; ensuring planning permissions and grid agreements are in place and options to incorporate the latest battery technology are reviewed.


We manufacture and construct the carport and solar PV system, with full site management adhering to CDM regulations and including cabling, trenching and connections.


Once operational, our specialist Operations & Maintenance team manages and maintains the system to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind.

FlexiSolar is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of solar structures. It was founded by Inside2Outside R&D, which has been developing unique products and solutions for more than twenty years. Inside2Outside developed FlexiSolar’s concept in 2009, and it was subsequently endorsed by Innovate UK in 2017. This support will allow us to grow quickly to meet increasing demand to convert car parks into clean power stations.

In developing the next generation of flexible, weatherproof photovoltaic cells, we have collaborated closely with SKANSKA, Siemens, and Cambridge University. Tensile PV material has a revolutionary design and functionality that opens up new possibilities for power generation and styling options. We have received investment from European and British research institutions, which has validated our work in this area. This has allowed us to continue expanding our range of technologies.

And how we have grown – from an initial idea to a fully-fledged business, leading the way with innovative commercial Solar Canopy carports for environmentally friendly parking.

It is hard to believe FlexiSolar has been around for five years. We are the UK’s leading integrated solar carport specialist, thanks to significant Innovate UK funding as well as ongoing investment in R&D. We are proud to be part of a consortium that includes major industrial and research partners in the advancement of solar photovoltaic technology. Flexible, weatherproof, and hardwearing solar panels have been recognized by many people. We are thrilled to bring that potential to the UK. Tensile PV is a world-leading flexible solar energy generation material. Its groundbreaking properties make it ideal for custom installations.

We have seen the benefits of solar carports in larger projects, such as those for Bentley Motors or Sutton Council. They are both viable energy solutions and an attractive investment that will benefit any company or organisation. But solar deployments can also be an efficient and attractive solution to medium and small enterprises, with many companies across the country starting to appreciate the benefits of clean, on-site renewable energy generation. With the Government pushing to transition from fossil fuels, and the ever-rising prices of energy supply, adding solar capacity through FlexiSolar could be crucial in preparing your business for the future.

It’s a crucial and exciting time. The electric mobility transition is underway, and it is imperative that we have a reliable source of renewable energy to power it. The demand for charging and parking electric cars is expected to increase. The UK government has committed to eliminating internal combustion sales (petroleum and diesel) by 2030. It will be a great benefit to your business, and the environment, to have a plan in place to maximize your space and take advantage of the new opportunities through the creation of EV charging and solar power generator hubs. You can see immediate savings in your energy bills by installing a ‘behind the meter’ system that uses renewable energy generated from your own solar power generation. You can also generate additional revenue by supplying solar power to the grid or charging electric vehicles at your own charging stations. Customers will come to you when they charge their electric vehicle in a safe, solar-powered carport or carpark.

You can increase your solar generation capacity by making the most of underutilized spaces such as carparks and rooftops. Your business can harness the power of solar energy generation by combining these solar panels with the most recent battery storage technology. This will help reduce dependence on rising energy prices. Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels by investing in clean, on-site electricity generation.

The UK Government’s October 2017 Clean Growth Strategy is a significant step forward. It was described by the Government “an ambitious blueprint to Britain’s low-carbon future” and your business has an obligation to comply.

Innovate UK has backed FlexiSolar to make the UK’s largest-scale solar carports. Our team is made up of experts with over 100 years of experience in the renewable industry and has developed innovative integrated energy solutions. We offer a fully ‘in-house’ service, from the initial consultation through supply, manufacture and install to ensure the highest level of quality and customer focus throughout the project.

With a large-scale, solar carport, we can help you create a strong and sustainable strategy for your company. Individuals and businesses are more aware of the man-made environmental pressures that exist on the planet today and have a greater understanding of how to reduce them or eliminate them. It is important to consider a renewable energy approach to energy.

The UK’s largest solar parking project was designed, built and installed at the Bentley Motors headquarters in Crewe. This huge installation, which integrates over 16km2 of the most recent generation of solar photovoltaic cell technology, is a testament to the cutting-edge of UK solar deployment. FlexiSolar’s ability to deliver exceptional projects of any size or scope is evident.

Call us today to learn how FlexiSolar’s latest technologies can transform your business and help you become a pioneer in the electric car and renewable energy revolution. No obligation, free site visits are available to discuss how to best use the space you have to generate clean electricity. With our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering solar projects that are effective to many industries across the UK, our highly trained team can help you from start to completion.

Call us today for a no-obligation site visit. We will discuss your energy storage requirements and show you how FlexiSolar technology can help you reduce your carbon emissions and energy costs.

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